Bielagus Law Offices PLLC is a general practice law office with a focus on real estate and business matters. With attorneys licensed in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Bielagus Law Offices PLLC provides legal advice and representation with regard to all aspects of real estate, business, and trust and estate matters.

Real Estate

For over 40 years, attorneys with Bielagus Law Offices PLLC have specialized in real estate matters, both residential and commercial, and both transactions and litigation. Our practice includes representing buyers, sellers, and lenders in real estate transactions; preparation and review of purchase and sale agreements, deeds, notes, mortgages, lease agreements, and other documents; curing title defects by actions to quiet title; and bankruptcy, foreclosures, and evictions. Further information is available on the topics listed below:

Commercial Real Estate

The attorneys of Bielagus Law Offices PLLC have extensive experience with commercial real estate, including land sales, mortgage lending, real estate developments, condominiums, and subdivisions. We also assist with landlord-tenant matters, lease agreements, and evictions. Refer to the information below for more detail:

Business Law

Bielagus Law Offices PLLC has extensive experience in working with business and commercial entities. From the formation of business entities to intricate litigation, Bielagus has the experience to represent and advise businesses in all legal matters.

Trusts, Wills, Estates, and Probate

Properly prepared wills and trusts allow a person to direct the distribution of assets after death. The attorneys with Bielagus Law Offices PLLC have many years of experience preparing trust agreements and wills. When a person dies, and no trust is in place, an executor or administrator must open probate into the estate in order to disburse assets, either as provided for in the will, or by the intestacy statutes when no will exists. Our attorneys have years of experience working with the probate process.

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